The Current State of IAM in the Enterprise from SailPoint

Identity and Access Management 2013 Market Survey SailpointAs we enter 2014 it will be important to evaluate the current state of your technology infrastructure and SailPoint has done just that with a survey outlining the State of Identity and Access Management (IAM). In 2013 we saw a surge in enterprise mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and Cloud platform usage. All of these emerging technologies put an increased strain on the very thing IAM is supposed to address…security.

So how are these new technologies impacting the security of your corporate network and accesses to critical corporate data? Well SailPoints’s 2013 survey highlighting the state of IAM might give you a little insight into how your organization is fairing. Here are a few quick highlights from the new survey.

  • 84% of companies are using cloud apps for business processes, and 39% of mission-critical apps currently in the cloud
  • 82% of companies have embraced BYOD, but 41% of those companies do not have controls in place over those devices
  • 49% are unable to get the “big picture” across all systems and applications
  • 46% admit to an inability to grant/revoke employee access to applications across their full IT infrastructure
  • 56% stated they have experienced data breaches at least once
  • 52% admit that employees within their organization have either read or seen company documents that they should not have had access to.

While IAM solutions are a major aspect in thwarting these breaches and unauthorized access it is also important to have strong policies in place around your technology to ensure security of critical data. An article from the IT Manager Daily suggests that you, “Coordinate with other departments, Stay informed of role changes, Conduct regular checks and Enforce password security strictly.”

Click here to access the full survey from SailPoint.