What Will Impact IAM in 2014? CA Technology Highlights Top Trends

2014 Predictions Identity and Access Management CA technologiesA leader in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space, CA Technologies, has released a number of trends they foresee impacting the IAM throughout 2014. Trends impacting IAM range from hardware implementation in enterprises to scalability issues to new software and even new influences around IAM initiatives from the likes of CMOs.

There is no doubt we will see IAM expand to meet the new security measures and governance requirements that new technologies such as mobility and the cloud require in 2014. CA Technologies has laid out what they foresee impacting the space in a recent press release. Here is a quick recap.

  1. The software-defined, open enterprise emerges: “Every IT layer from data to application to infrastructure to network is becoming service-enabled and software-defined through APIs. The pattern extends beyond the data center to partners and cloud services as enterprises are forced to open up. Traditional IT departments will need to evolve to protect and secure access to these new assets as building blocks for agile development.”
  2. Hardware elements in mobile devices will become an increasingly important part of IAM: “Users will continue to adopt new mobile devices on a short (12-24 month) cycle, rapidly making advanced hardware security technologies, such as ARM TrustZone, widely available. The phone will finally begin to establish itself as the primary and secure way of authenticating users and proving identity.”
  3. Lack of scalable identity proofing will continue to vex broader B2C/G2C deployments: ”While the sources for identity proofing data will continue to expand with the digitization and exposure of new public and private records, this continued demand for identity proofing in 2014 will force the industry to collaborate and partner more closely to deliver scalable identity proofing to meet these needs.”

Click here to access the full release and for more 2014 trends from CA Technologies. To learn more about IAM offerings from CA and other IAM leaders download a complimentary 2014 IAM Solutions Guide from SolutionsReview here.