Mobile App Encryption: What You Need to Know

Mobile App Encryption: What You Need to KnowLast week, we talked about the best practices in ensuring the security of your mobile app. We mentioned “data encryption” as one crucial best practices, but for those of you who may not be familiar with the practice, we’ve provided you with this handy primer. With the Ponemon Institute finding that roughly two thirds of lost smartphones contain sensitive or confidential information, it’s more important than ever to make sure that if your device falls into the wrong hands, your information is still safe.

Encryption is widely regarded as the most reliable way to secure data on mobile devices. It’s essentially a process that takes your private data in your mobile application data and scrambles it into what is known as cipher text. Ciphertext is a sort of technique that renders your code as illegible to anyone trying to read the data, keeping your data safe from any privacy breaches.

Now, you may be thinking, “Hey, that sounds great if a criminal is trying to access my information, but how will my device be able to read the data?” Well, with encryption, the process is entirely reversible, giving you the ability to decode the ciphertext, in addition to coding it. This is done by using the same algorithm that scrambled the data in the first place and by applying a key for access.

Its very important to note that the encrypted code can be deciphered by anyone who’s able to guess the key, so don’t get too comfortable. If you really plan on keeping your data from being accessed, you should consider using a longer key code with a stronger cipher. We recommend the Advanced Encryption Standard which provides 256-bit keys, which makes it near impossible for someone to be able to guess your passkey. Oftentimes, he strongest encryption technology usually resides with the features of apps that involve messaging, where sensitive information is frequently exchanged. What was once a trendy feature for ensuring privacy, quickly became the industry standard.

Even though encryption seems like common place in today’s society, not all developers have the resources available to them to incorporate end-to-end encryption in their apps. There are some organizations, such as that provide businesses with a solution that offers encryption on par with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.‘s flexibility allows for data exchange without the usual issues associated with mobile app encryption services.

In today’s world where we take infinite communications tools for granted, we should also recognize the inherent dangers that come with it. If we value our privacy and the security of our data, then we need to become more informed about encryption.

Nathaniel Lewis

Nathaniel Lewis

Nathaniel Lewis is an editor at Solutions Review covering Mobile and Wireless enterprise technology.He has a degree in English from Saint Michael's College in Vermont and believes that the better we understand the technology of today, the more prepared we will be for the world of tomorrow.
Nathaniel Lewis

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