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Anomaly Detection: Ransomware’s New Nightmare


As the nightmare that ransomware attacks pose continue to rob to business owners and folks everywhere of valuable night’s sleep, backup and recovery solutions are doing much more than sitting idly back, watching it unfold. After all, it’s becoming a lot more complicated than making sure your information ‘lives’ in more than one location to keep it safe. Solutions are being developed making it more difficult for hackers to infiltrate one’s data in the first place. Here are a few examples of these capabilities. Additionally, backup and recovery solution provider Infrascale may have turned the tables on ransomware’s dirty tricks by giving it a dose of it’s own medicine.

Ransomware is designed to infect the network rapidly, initiating file encryption in just three seconds. Infecting individual files is one thing, but when ransomware infects mission critical applications and databases, businesses need a solution that can restore running systems in seconds – not hours or days.

Push Button Failover
Boot up clean VMs from an on-premise appliance or from a public/private cloud in seconds. This can save hours of downtime by getting your applications, production databases, and users online by accessing a virtual production environment.

Identifying the Point of Infection
Quickly browse a disk image to quickly determine the time of infection and then restore a backup just prior to that point in time.

Destressing a Stressful Situation
The worst part of getting infected by ransomware is not knowing whether you can recover from the attack and how much data and productivity will be lost.  Sleep better knowing that you can simply and quickly recover from the unexpected.

Infrascale is adding fuel to the fire with a new innovation in anomaly detection. Ransomware often infects files over a period time, many IT admins are unaware that their company is infected until it’s too late. Anomaly detection ensures that businesses will never be caught off guard.

What is Anomaly Detection? It’s an early warning system that enables companies to quickly isolate a ransomware infection and recover important data before the entire network is frozen.  When we see anomalies in the number of changed files, we will automatically send you an email alert — an anomaly warning  — that lets you know when your ‘new’ or ‘changed’ file count jumps off the chart.

With this knowledge, you know when you were infected and can revert back to a  clean backup.

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