Attunity Replicate Backup and Disaster Recovery

Attunity Replicate Backup and Disaster RecoveryAttunity Replicate is data replication software that enables organizations to accelerate and reduce the costs of distributing, sharing and ensuring the availability of data for meeting business operations and business intelligence needs. Attunity Replicate’s multi-server, multi-task, and multi-threaded architecture is designed to scale and support large-scale data replication scenarios. Common use cases where the product can be employed to improve business operations include data replication for operational analytics or query offloading, line of business specific workload offloading, and fast deployment of test data systems.

Attunity Replicate’s architecture facilitates data replication from many enterprises databases including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2, Big Data platforms including Apache Hadoop, Teradata and Pivotal Greenplum Database, and is designed to deliver quick time-to-value.

Key Features:

  • Attunity TurboStream CDC: a next-generation technology, which significantly improves the performance of high-volume data delivery.
  • TurboStream DX (Data Transfer): Innovative, highly secured and resilient WAN transfer engine optimizes transfer speeds when target databases are located off premise or in the cloud.
  • Click-2-Replicate design: simplifying user experience by automating the steps required to build a replication solution with packaged software that is fast to learn and implement.
  • Zero-footprint technology: reducing impact on IT operations with log-based capture and delivery of transaction data that does not require the Attunity software to be installed on each source and target database.
  • Unlimited Scalability, Monitoring and Control: when deployed on top of the Attunity Maestro platform, alleviating the burden of designing and managing complex business processes, by providing a single point of control for defining, executing and monitoring data transfer and distribution tasks throughout an organization.
  • Scalability for all replication types: Automates Schema & DDL Replication, Snapshot Replication (full load) and Incremental Replication (change data capture).

Bottom Line:

Attunity Replicate is a solution for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. Its standout feature is Click-2-Replicate which is an easy-to-use, simple way of replicating and backing up data. Click-2-Replicate uses the simple drag and drop functionality and automated the steps required to build a replication solution and shields users from complexity, eliminating the need for master DBA skills, custom scripting or consultants.