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Top 10 Backup and Disaster Recovery Podcasts

Top 10 Podcasts Backup and Disaster Recovery

Top 10 Podcasts Backup and Disaster Recovery
Make your commute or lunch break more enjoyable by gaining perspective about industry best practices from renowned backup and disaster recovery professionals. From Gumbo, to strategies, to cloud, these top ten BDR podcasts will keep your mind and your data happy.

1. The Future of Disaster Recovery

Demetrius Malbrough hosts a weekly podcast featuring technical conversations about DR and backup. Topics include: “The transformation of disaster recovery, how infrascale delivers 15 minute failover and DraaS solution must-haves”.

2. Disaster Recovery 101 With Ryan and Mark

Podcast features six steps to creating a disaster recovery plan, and much more with hosts Ryan and Mark from Carbonite

3. Datto Podcast Series

Hear directly from the Datto team on what’s new, what’s important, and what’s next in the world of backup, recovery, business continuity, cloud, data protection, and best practices.

4. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

RunAs Radio was launched on April 11, 2007 as a spin-off of its sister show, ‘.NET Rocks!’. Since then, RunasRadio has over 400 episodes featuring hundreds of guests from the IT world. Listeners can expect a new episode on Wednesday every week, and features a guest expert, and focuses on relevant topics in the IT field.

5. ICOMM- Disaster Recovery

What can you do to make sure your business gets up and running if your IT system fails? This podcast explains disaster recovery and what the difference is to business continuity.

6. Data Protection Gumbo 

Data Protection Gumbo- a very popular choice among enthusiasts, promises to, “Inform, educate, and mobilize the world with millions of Chefs that are equipped with the right utensils and ingredients to intelligently understand, store and manage your important data.”

7. Data Backup Tools in the Cloud, with Rachel Dines

Forrester Research analyst Rachel Dines discusses the latest developments in data backup tools space. Topics include cloud backup, growing support for vStorage APIs and source dedupe.


8. My Data Backup Strategy: An Exercise in Paranoia

From podcast creator, Martin Bailey: “I should precede this with the disclaimer that I’m perhaps a little bit paranoid with my backups, but I should also add that I’ve never lost an image in 18 years of digital imaging, and that includes scans of slide film from way back when…”

9. Four Assumptions That are Killing your Backup

George Crump from Storage Switzerland and Gideon Senderov from NEC  got together in this podcast to talk about an intriguing discovery from their BDR presentation.

10. Antiquated Backup to Total Data Protection

Rob Rae, Datto VP of Business Development is podcast host. Hear how Datto partner Chris Davis successfully upgrades his customers from antiquated backup to total data protection, leveraging the power of instant virtualization.

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