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Experts On-Demand: 5 Must See Backup and Disaster Recovery Webinars

backup and disaster recovery webinar
backup and disaster recovery webinar


On-demand webinars are the cat’s pajamas. IN your pajamas, you can access top industry expert perspective about important backup and disaster recovery best practices, and you don’t even have to wait. With a click, or sometimes just a simple registration, you’re informative webinar begins, and you’re on your way to a newly enlightened, prepared, disaster recovery literate you, for free.

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1. Quorum’s, “Preparing For Disaster: Using the cloud properly to keep your business running during the unexpected”.

Presented by American Machinist, Quorum’s webinar features representatives from Quorum and Rob Livingstone, moderator, as they share their thoughts on use of the cloud for disaster recovery (DR).

2. “Rethinking Backup and Recovery: Business Continuity in the Datacenter and Beyond

Watch this roundtable webinar by Asigra, to learn topics including, What the typical BC / DR system look like, and why? What risks  data silos pose to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, and how IT work to eliminate them? How should businesses integrate new data sources into a unified BC / DR system? How can businesses meet Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives at the lowest possible cost? What are key considerations when choosing partners? Find out with this on demand webinar, with moderator Marc Staimer President and
Chief Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer Consulting.


Backup and Disaster recovery solution providers offer more than just BDR products- they also offer informative whitepapers, webinars and other resources for buyers and enthusiasts to become better informed. Check out what all 28 of our Backup and Disaster Recovery vendors have to offer, by downloading our 2016 BDR Solution Vendor Buyers Guide.

3. From Disaster Recovery to Disaster Avoidance: Two Experts Tell Their DRaaS Stories.

BDR solution vendor Citrix offers this awesome webinar that will have listeners happy to find out they they are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the DRaaS implementation process.

“Learn from these two experts and early adopters as they cover topics such as: Why you should choose a DRaaS solution and not a more traditional method? Major drivers and compelling events that led the experts to a DRaaS. The most important criteria in selecting a DRaaS partner What concerns and roadblocks were uncovered early on in the process? Advice on planning and implementing DRaaS, Lessons learned.” Moderator – Pat O’Day, CTO of Bluelock.

4. Disaster Recovery: What to Expect When You Declare a Disaster. offers this on demand webinar to better prepare users for what to expect when the worst case scenario unfolds.

“Is your organization among the 65% of small- and mid-sized businesses that don’t have a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan in place? Our on-demand webinar, Disaster Recovery: What to Expect When You Declare a Disaster, provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started. Catherine Roy, HOSTING Senior Project Manager, and Brian Frank, HOSTING Cloud Services Manager, share their tips having implemented and managed more than 400 disaster recovery solutions combined.”

5. Are you Flirting with Disaster? Keys to a Successful Disaster Recovery

Viewers will learn the importance of having a plan for your DR, what skill sets are needed to implement successful DR, and the various components needed to complete successful DR with this webinar by INetU.

“It is not news that disaster recovery (DR) plans are an important part of a company’s survival. But does your DR plan go far enough? According to a recent study conducted by THINKstrategies and INetU, 70% of businesses indicated that they had a DR plan in place, while another 10% of businesses considered a simple backup solution to be sufficient for DR. The reality is, you may be missing some key elements in your plans that could hinder a successful DR execution. View this webinar on demand where THINKstrategies Managing Director, Jeff Kaplan, and INetU Product Manager, Michele Corvino, discuss the results of the survey and provide insight on how to ensure you have a successful DR plan in the cloud.”

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