Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Buyers Guide: 2016 Product Feature Review

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Buyers Guide 2016 Product Feature Review

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Product vendor buyers guides are a necessary resource for buyers who are in the market for a new technology. Detailed reviews written by IT professionals often document ease of appropriation, describe satisfaction with products and offer suggestions for those who are new to the market. Unfortunately, authentic product reviews are often hard to come by.

To address this need for honest experience reviews without the marketing hyperbole, Solutions Review has developed a Backup and Disaster Recovery Buyers Guide. This free resource tempers perspectives from knowledgeable IT professionals with our knowledge of market trends and news, allowing consumers clear insight into BDR product capabilities in 2016.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions revolve around innovative features like disk image technology, remote data protection and bare metal recovery. It’s a confusing landscape and leveraging the protection of a BDR solution is like trying to find a left shoe in a pile of rights. You may have a solution that offers a quality backup solution, but is lacking the disaster recovery assistance. For example, there are vendors with DR solutions that will ship out new servers to your business in the event of a disaster, one that would send actual real-life technicians to help when your business is in a state of disrepair.

You may be familiar with the popular backup and disaster recovery solution providers like, EMC, Dell, and IBM, but have you considered other BDR products that may suit your specific business needs? This article explores several cloud computing vendors (both in and outside of our buyer’s guide) and the progressive features and capabilities that make each solution unique.

Solution Review’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Vendor Buyer’s Guide features vendor, BackupAssist, creators of one of the easiest to use backup and recovery solutions on the market. It allows users to remotely manage backups, restores, updates, reports and licensing all from a user friendly web application and easy to use restore console. BackupAssist can back up to most storage media types and it can back up to tape drives, externally connected drives (USB, Firewire, eSATA etc.), RDX drives, iSCSI connected drives, network-connected drives, discs and online storage sites.

Check out what’s new with BackupAssist’s V9 products, including bootable backups, integrated restore console and new, rapid VM recovery features.

If you’re in the market for a cost effective solution, consider vendor, Quorum, whose DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) product offers enterprises ‘onQ DRaaS’ deployment, similar to an ‘onQ DR’ deployment. Instead of an organization deploying a second onQ appliance at their own DR site, DRaaS customers chose to leverage the Quorum Cloud. Quorum explains their solution:

“Server, application and data changes captured by the locally deployed onQ HA appliance are replicated to the onQ appliance in the Quorum Cloud. DRaaS deployments enable organizations to more cost effectively ensure both local HA and remote DR as they can avoid the high costs of funding, designing, staffing and maintaining a replicated datacenter.”

Find out about Quorum’s onQ DraaS solution and more cost effective BDR solutions at

Designed for larger enterprise environments, Acronis Backup Advanced is a thorough and powerful backup application, which is suited for an expert IT manager of a large business rather than smaller businesses. Acronis is featured in our buyer’s guide for it’s corporate level power, and its versatility; able to restore individual files and recover drives, partitions, folders and files quite a bit differently than its competitors. The product requires an expert IT manager to handle it, but has all the features needed for the most advanced hardware and software along with the speed desired by most large corporations.

And now, a product for cloud computing enthusiast. Asigra Cloud Backup offers an enterprise-class backup and recovery software solution that provides a single, integrated approach to data protection. Its range of tools and capabilities ensure that businesses can securely protect more data while using less network and storage resources, without having to deploy multiple point solutions. Asigra further describes the cloud product:

“Designed for efficient performance and compatibility with public, private and hybrid cloud architectures, the Asigra Cloud Backup solution is equipped with, agentless software architecture for easier deployment and management, global deduplication and data compression technology, NIST FIPS 140-2 certified security, including AES 256 encryption and autonomic healing and validation restore capabilities.”

If your business operates using a heterogeneous IT environment and you are having trouble finding a BDR solution that accommodates multiple operating systems, check out vendor, Novastor, featured in our buyers guide, and their NovaBACKUP DataCenter product. The solution offers acentralized backup software for heterogeneous IT environments including Windows and Linux, VMware and Hyper-V. The network backup software is a stable, reliable and cost effective data protection solution that includes support for the newest technologies and addresses the requirements of small and medium sized IT environments using the hardware of their choice.

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