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Cloudberry Offers Free Cloud-based Backups

WEBCAST Azure Education SeriesWorld Backup Day just passed and Cloudberry Labs completed a survey to learn more about the backup process for enterprises and individuals alike. The vendor’s survey polled over 700 internet users in order to get to know more about how people and businesses back up their data.

The report concluded that 46 percent of internet users do not backup their data. That is almost half and quite a scary statistic.

“In spite of a few bright spots, we have to give enterprises an overall grade of C in the area of backup. In our view, the increasing threat landscape will cause that grade to drop, unless organizations begin reconsidering their strategies,” Alexander Negrash, Director of Marketing at CloudBerry Lab said.

The report also uncovered that the average user has about a 33 percent chance of losing data. With those odds, it sounds like a losing bet for those without backup.

“New security threats are discovered every day.  In today’s data-reliant world, this places a premium on reliable cloud backup, which must be frequent, easy and secure, while getting data ‘out of the building’ to a remote, off-site location,” Negrash said.

Here are some more key takeaways from the provider’s report:

  • Business data is backed up more often than personal data, specifically 11 percent more business users have automated backup processes compared to personal data users
  • 20 percent more business data users perform a backup on a daily basis than personal data users
  • Most personal users, 56 percent, do not have more than one copy of their backup versus 49 percent of business data users who have at least two copies
  • Security stays the biggest concern for cloud backup among both personal users, 70 percent, and business users, 59 percent
  • One out of three users has lost his data at least once, 32 percent of business data users and 26 percent of personal data users
  • Cloud backup is the second most popular backup destination after external drives, for both data users: business (35 percent) and personal (43 percent)
  • Cloud backup use is growing, up 13 percent on average from the previous year survey

To celebrate World Backup Day and to get more users to be safe with their data, Cloudberry is giving away free Backup licenses for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. April 3 is the last day to get your hands on this deal, so act fast.

CloudBerry Backup comes with a perpetual commercial license, so small businesses can have an enterprise-level data recovery plan with either very little or no up-front investment. Click here to get your free license.

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