Clutch: 90% of SMB’s Say Cloud Storage Equally or More Secure Than On-Site Backup

Clutch 90 percent of SMBs Say Cloud Storage Equally or More Secure Than On-Site Backup
In a new study conducted by Clutch, a  B2B research firm out of Washington, DC, suggests that cloud data backup is considered a more secure option than traditional backup by majority of SMBs.
“Among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using online backup services, nearly 90% say that it is equally or more secure than on-site backup, according to a new survey by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews site.”

In addition, Clutch reports that nearly 40% of SMBs cite security as the top benefit of using online backup services, more so than the addition of data space and backup, suggesting that businesses are more comfortable with online backup. The study reports, that over a third of those interviewed report no challenges when implementing and operating via cloud.

This may come as a surprise to many cloud professionals as these  results contradict the notorious fear that cloud solutions are more vulnerable to security breaches.

“The customers we speak to who are interested in online backup say security is high on the list of things they are fearful of,” said Bob Lamendola, General Manager of Infrastructure Services for mindSHIFT, one of the largest IT outsourcing and cloud services providers. “They want to make sure the provider is going to keep their data secure, particularly as they vacillate from file sharing data to enterprise database data.”

What many SMB’s don’t take into consideration while weighing cloud adoption options, are the wealth of additional services that cloud offers consumers that on-premis backup does not, and the convenience of these security solutions also meet the cost benefit.

“These tools have been growing in adoption and I think a lot of the early adopters were the ‘crossing the chasm’ type,” said Steve Woodward, Chief Technology Officer at SkySync, a cloud backup and migration tool. “Most of the early adopters have had some level of success, and now later adopters are saying, ‘Hey, this is the right time and place.’”

The Clutch survey was conducted in March 2016 and included 304 SMBs with 1-500 employees, with the majority of respondents at manager level positions and up.

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