Commvault and Huawei Unveil Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution for Huawei Cloud

Huawei Technologies and Commvault Systems recently paired up to release a hybrid cloud backup solution for Huawei Cloud. According to a recent release, this will bring a budget-friendly and secure solution to organizations looking to backup workloads that run between data centers and the public cloud.

“This Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution backups data from traditional data centers or private cloud to public cloud platforms through the Commvault Data Platform,” the release stated.

The solution allows data to be restored on-prem or in the cloud, or both. The solution can be integrated with mainstream application systems and offers security for data in volumes, OSs, application systems, databases, and virtualized environments, the release reported.

Deploying data protection within an organization that utilizes a hybrid cloud environment can lead to various issues, including ones with security and management, especially when transferring data. However, Commvault and Huawei aim to deliver a hybrid cloud backup solution that offers ease of use, seamless integration with current backup systems, and security. They also want this solution to be economical.

“Backup storage space is allocated on demand, yielding incredibly elastic expansion capabilities while reducing initial investment amounts by 50%; deduplication utilities accelerate transmission speeds and reduce network bandwidth lease costs by 80%,” the release reported.

“Data is the core assets of enterprises in digital transformation. Its value can never be over-estimated. We are excited to be working with Commvault, to build hybrid cloud backup solution. The solution we release this time is to provide easy-to-use data management and secure data protection for hybrid cloud environments, which will help enterprises leverage cloud architecture to optimize data asset services. We will continue to innovate in the field of data protection so enterprise customers can rest assured their data is secure and always available,” said Meng Guangbin, president, IT storage product line, Huawei.