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Data Management, Access & Protection a Breeze with Actifio Global Manager

Actifio Global Manager

In a January 19th press release, Actifio announced the general availability of their new web-scale data virtualization solution, Actifio Global Manager. This new web-scale data virtualization solution delivers instant access and radically simple management of application data for business resiliency and test data management across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Global Manager also allows enterprise business users and MSP users manage, access, and protect data across full lifecycle of enterprise applications.

Actifio Global Manager delivers the following key features:

  • Scale from any amount of Actifio instances with agility and ease: Manage thousands of applications, petabytes of data, independent of hardware infrastructure or physical location. Actifio Global Manager can seamlessly manage application data lifecycle across private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Deliver SLAs and cross-enterprise security models: Ensures that application data is consistently managed by the same SLAs, giving users consistent rights to access only the relevant data, regardless of location or organization.
  • Reduce capital and operational expenses for MSPs: With a secure multi-tenant, scale-out architecture, which enables operations teams to centrally administer, manage, monitor multiple tenants located anywhere in customer data centers, in MSP’s data centers, or in Amazon AWS public cloud.
  • Automated load balancing: By distributing application workloads for data protection among a pool of Actifio appliances, which radically simplifies capacity management in fast-growing web-scale environments.
  • Simplified capacity management: With one-click migration of applications between Actifio appliances, similar to VMware VMotion.
  • Easy integration by users and MSPs: Into portals and other custom software via a single, central entry-point and RESTful API enabling streamlined integration of an entire data virtualization environment with users’ business processes and software-defined data center.
  • Next-generation visualization: With a new HTML5-based interface to display timeline-based views of SLAs, backups, replication, and other events and alerts from across an enterprise.

Actifio’s Senior Vice President of Solutions Development adds: “Actifio Global Manager was designed for the rapidly growing footprint of Actifio solutions in user’s environments. More of our users have scaled to multi-site, multi-appliance environments and have begun to use public cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS as a seamless part of their datacenter. AGM delivers unprecedented simplicity of management for these web-scale users. Application data virtualization requires a unique scale-out technology that is all about Applications, Data and SLAs, completely independent of hardware infrastructure and location. Users need to be able to instantly access data and applications from anywhere, be able to migrate, load balance and manage the applications and data, from a single interface. We worked closely with over a hundred of our early access program partners for over two years to deliver a solution that will delight our users. We are incredibly proud of this work, and thrilled with the response we’re already getting from users.”

During the course of the last 6 years, Actifio’s copy data virtualization platform has been deployed in many of the world’s largest and most complex enterprise IT organizations and MSPs. The platform has scaled up to thousands of application instances associated with petabytes of data deployed across private data centers and hybrid or public cloud environments including Amazon AWS. After an early access program, Actifio has released AGM for general availability for these web-scale environments.

Actifio Global Manager is now available for purchase.

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