Google Cloud Platform, Infrascale Team Up For Faster Failover

infrascale Fast Failover Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform and cloud backup and disaster recovery provider Infrascale recently announced a partnership aimed at delivering tighter protection for up-time, data and operational resiliency.

Clients of the pair will benefit from a fully-managed cloud backup and disaster recovery solution with 15-minute failover of vital business apps in the event of a ransomware attack, site-wide disaster or server crash. And interested organizations can take advantage of a pay-as-you-go-model that the duo is offering to eliminate an enterprise’s initial investment, which is typically vital when buying and managing a secondary site infrastructure.

Infrascale’s Vice President of Marketing Dean Nicolls told Solutions Review that enterprises are increasingly looking to the cloud.

“More and more organizations are trusting their data and compute resources to the cloud. And more are exploring public clouds like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.  Few, up until recently, have considered Google Cloud. Google wants to change that,” he said. “But, they don’t want to be just a repository for cold storage – they want organizations to trust their compute and dev resources to Google too. That’s where Infrascale and disaster recovery as a service (aka DRaaS) plays.”

Back it up

Infrascale provides a direct-to-cloud backup solution that offers protection for servers along with laptops and desktops. And with their platform, Google aims to free clients of the overhead of managing on-prem infrastructure, configuring networks and provisioning servers. The tech giant’s platform also features a built-in load balancer that is part of a worldwide distributed system and allows users to scale with ease.

Recover fast

Infrascale offers disaster recovery that protects enterprises from downtime associated with a hack, natural disaster or anything else that could potentially disrupt business flow. The provider’s guaranteed 15-minute failover of mission-critical apps could save an organization’s bottom line, should disaster strike.

Google leverages proprietary networking innovations and software defined networking that other public clouds do not, which allows the tech giant to deliver such efficient failover performance.

“Early DR tests with the Google Cloud Platform demonstrate industry-leading boot speeds of virtual machines (measured in seconds, not hours) which translates to dramatically less downtime,” according to a release from Infrascale.

The amount of downtime an organization faces can dramatically affect its operations and pockets. Infrascale reported that downtime costs enterprises in the US more than $100 billion per year. The provider uses what they call a “cloud-centric” approach to failover and aim to help businesses avoid pricey infrastructure costs.

“The exciting part of this announcement is that organizations of all sizes and shapes can trust the Google Cloud and Infrascale to quickly recover their applications and data if a disaster strikes or ransomware infects a company’s data.  And they can restore these applications within the Google Cloud really, really fast – like less than a minute,” Nicolls said. “Usually, that kind of failover speed could only be purchased by spending lots of money (think millions) on redundant infrastructure.  Now, they can rely on Google’s infrastructure and get affordable, high speed failover at a fraction of the cost.”

Google Cloud Platform users can take advantage of Infrascale’s solutions right away.

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