Infrascale Included in Solution Review’s Updated Backup and Recovery Buyer’s Guide



What a month it’s been for the backup and recovery market. We’ve seen major acquisitions, with that of Dell’s, EMC. Conventions and expos where the industry’s best, addressed exciting innovations in cloud, infosec and IoT. In response to these changes, and to stay current with best of breed backup and recovery solutions, we updated our 2016 Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Buyer’s Guide. The new edition informs consumers about vendor, Infrascale, DRaaS specialists whose quick, easy and affordable recovery from disaster is gaining notoriety within the space.

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Infrascale is an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution that provides rapid failover to a second site with
the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud. Founded in 2006, the company aims to give every company the ability to recover from a disaster – quickly, easily and affordably. Delivered as a physical or virtual appliance and includes DR software. Infrascale’s easy to use dashboard simplifies the management of data protection by providing a single pane of glass through which the entire suite of services is deployed. Infrascale allows IT to stop buying and managing disparate hardware and software  to solve their DR and backup needs. An administrative dashboard, accessible from any browser or device, makes it easy to recover mission critical applications and systems with push-button simplicity.

Key Features

  • Flexible DR Deployment– Users decide how to deploy failover for business, as Infrascale DRaaS is delivered as software, physical or virtual appliance, and flexible cloud storage targeting.
  • Triple Layer End-to-End Encryption– Data is encrypted at the source, transferred via a secured connection then encrypted again in the cloud.
  • Store in Any Cloud–  Infrascale’s true DR flexibility means you choose where your data is kept.  You can use our cloud, your cloud, or public cloud like Amazon and Azure.
  • Near-Zero Downtime– With CloudBoot technology built into the Infrascale cloud service, users experience little, to no downime.
  • Reduce Hardware Costs– When the cloud and intelligent software join forces, good things happen. It’s how we erase expensive hardware and complex steps from the DR equation so you can bring your business back to life in minutes.

Bottom Line

By offering an intelligent software solution with the power of the cloud, Infrascale trascends the disaster recovery cost barrier without complex, expensive hardware, enabling businesses to restore operations quickly, with a push of a button. Infrascale equips businesses with  recovery support to handle unexpected outages and ensures less downtime, greater security, and always-on availability.

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