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Lessons to Learn in Disaster Recovery

When business leaders think about Disaster Recovery, the first thing that comes to mind is recovery of vital data, especially for those that work in within the digital landscape. Oftentimes the protocols that are seen as “secondary” to data recovery are most important. Disaster Recovery plans are completely reliant upon the steps that are supposed to be followed leading up to the recovery itself, so when those don’t go according to plan, things can get out of hand quickly. We aren’t talking about the stages of planning that go into the creation of a Disaster Recovery plan either, we’re talking about the things that have to happen immediately following “the event.”

Check out this very informative presentation, courtesy of our friends at The Business Continuity Institute. Established in 1994, the BCI is one of the leading membership and certifying organizations for Business Continuity professionals in the world. In their quest for promoting a more resilient world, they’ve created this slideshow to show you just how wrong things can go in the immediate aftermath of initiating a recovery plan. It’s much better to be safe than sorry, so learning the lessons included in this resource may very well save you a world of heartache in the future.



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