New Barracuda Backup Agent: Competitive Pricing with Expanded Capacity

New Barracuda Backup Agent Competitive Pricing with Expanded Capacity
Barracuda Networks, Inc. is known for offering powerful backup solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems efficiently and cost effectively, while maintaining a level of customer support and satisfaction. The company announced this week several new enhancements to its Barracuda Backup product line. The changes will offer customers even faster backup and recovery performance. Additionally, their public cloud support will tote enhanced and expanded storage capacity at competitive price points. In an effort to help businesses cover all of their bases, Barracuda provides improved data protection regardless of whether data resides in physical, virtual or SaaS environments; the new Barracuda Backup version 6.3 offers additional improvement to cloud services.
Consumers can also expect a boost in initial backup speed, recovery performance, and faster restore windows to improve recovery time objectives: an important deterrent from ransomware attacks. In this week’s press release, Barracuda cites a research survey conducted by Osterman Research, where 49.4 percent of companies surveyed indicated they had been hit with one or more ransomware attacks in the last 12 months. It is suggested that a complete backup with an effective retention policy enables customers to recover from a ransomware attack without having to pay any ransom to the criminals holding the encryption keys to their important data.
“Barracuda Backup provides us a with secure way to store critical data, and an efficient way to recover it if things don’t go as planned – such as recently when we were hit with a ransomware attack,” said A.J. Murray, IT Manager at Hayward Tyler, a leader in design, manufacturing and services for fluid-filled electric motors and pumps for high-pressure, high-temperature applications and environments across the global energy sector. “A solid backup plan makes the difference in having to pay a ransom, lose files all together or recover them in a timely fashion. With Barracuda Backup, we were able to quickly restore our stolen data, allowing us to address this attack with minimal business impact.”
New Product Highlights:
Fast and Efficient Data Restores Enhance Disaster Recovery- The enhancements boost initial backup speed and recovery performance – by up to 1.5-2x on large files and up to 3x for file server backups with millions of small files with the Barracuda Backup Agent.
Expanded Cloud Support – Office 365 & Amazon Web Services- For organizations that have made the switch to Microsoft Office 365 or plan to in the future, Barracuda updated its Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365 to reduce incremental backup windows for all customers.
Barracuda Backup Pricing and Capacity Update- Barracuda has reduced pricing while increasing storage capacity for certain Barracuda Backup models. Barracuda Backup 990 has increased usable storage capacity by 33 percent, from 36TB to 48TB.
Barracuda Backup version 6.3 is in early availability, and will be generally available to customers with active subscriptions in the Fall.

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