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New Survey Results: What Do Today’s Users Demand in a Data Backup/Recovery Service?

New Survey Reveals What Today's Users Demand in a Data Backup/Recovery Service

 New Survey Reveals What Today's Users Demand in a Data Backup/Recovery Service

Evault recently partnered with ResearchNow to conduct a blinded online survey with IT professionals and users across the country to answer the question: What do users want from a data backup and recovery service?

The respondents were from a mix of industries and completed a 3 to 5-minute survey online through randomized panel invitations. Completed in early September, the survey scope covered usage of data backup and recovery services, importance of factors, and satisfaction with each of the services used in the past few years.

Evault reported that participants were more than willing to provide feedback, and when asked open-ended questions, users stated that reliability and security were the 2 most important features when choosing a data backup and recovery service. This was confirmed by ResearchNow in the follow-up questions aimed at identifying the importance of 12 factors including a product’s reliability, security and compliance, recovery capabilities, ease of use, customer support, recovery speed, backup features, storage capacity, cost, user interface, initial system setup, cloud-based system.

The study also asked, which of these factors drive customer satisfaction and loyalty with a Data Backup and Recovery Service?

By reviewing the satisfaction levels of those 12 factors by using regression analysis (a common technique in market research which estimates how independent variables impact a dependent variable), researchers were able to determine which factors of a BUDR product have the most significant impact on a user’s likelihood to recommend it. Based on the analysis, two factors emerged as the largest predictors of overall likelihood to recommend: recovery capabilities and customer support. If recovery capabiltiies and customer support are rated low, there was shown a significant likelihood for a low customer recommendation.

What Does This Mean? By interpreting the findings, the study could conclude the following:

  • IT professionals who have gone through a scenario where they needed to recover lost data would value recovery capabilities and customer support more than a user who never needed to access those features.
  • The full breadth of recovery capabilities of a data backup and recovery provider may not be understood until they are needed due to a disaster.
  • Customer support is often a hidden regression driver of likelihood to recommend in many industries.
  • When users have an emergency or immediate need they often turn directly to customer service (by phone or in-person) to solve the problem.
  • If users are satisfied with this experience, they often become increasingly loyal to the product or service. The same holds true for the opposite.

For more about the survey, check out the results for yourself, HERE.

Among the 4 competitors tested in the ResearchNow survey, EVault ranked number 1 in customer satisfaction. EVault delivers more efficient backup, saving time, and limiting network constraints. Additionally, The satisfaction score for customer service was higher than Datto, Unitrends, and Veeam.  Many midsized organizations will happily discover that the key differentiator between “good” disaster recovery-as- a-service (DRaaS) and “great” DRaaS simply boils down to the expertise and partnering they get from a dependable, adept service provider like EVault. EVault offers world class customer support 24/7.

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