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OwnBackup Debuts on Microsoft Azure as Cloud Backup Solution for Salesforce/App Cloud

OwnBackup Debuts on Microsoft Azure as Cloud Backup Solution for Salesforce/App Cloud
OwnBackup recently strengthened their relationship with Microsoft by partnering to deliver its innovative backup and recovery platform to more enterprises. The launch of the cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery platform is tailored for Salesforce and enterprise applications. Built on Microsoft Azure, it allows customers to now have the choice of where to put the business-critical data from these applications, and can also protect that data via enterprise-grade backup tools.
“OwnBackup is our security blanket for the entire loan transaction process. If we cannot service our customers who are trying to conduct a loan transaction, our overall production and our reputation suffer,” noted Brandi Smith, assistant vice president and business analyst for Yadkin Bank. “OwnBackup empowers us to not only identify the data loss events when they happen, but also quickly restore the system’s data integrity down to the individual loan level. Thanks to the ease of use and rapid mitigation capabilities of the OwnBackup solution, we can confidently avoid loan production delays and customer headaches.”
OwnBackup gives enterprise customers a powerful and reliable cloud-to-cloud backup solution that can easily and fully restore lost Salesforce data in bulk or at a granular level to keep users business running smoothly.
“Enterprises are still unknowingly putting business-critical information at tremendous risk by failing to backup cloud data. Most enterprises still do not realize that cloud data should be protected by an enterprise backup and recovery solution,” said OwnBackup CEO Sam Gutmann. “We plan to continue to deepen our relationship with Microsoft so we can offer an easy and effective way for all enterprises to protect business-critical data in the cloud.”
Customers can now start using OwnBackup on Azure by visiting

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