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Paragon Protect and Restore 3.5 Backup and Recovery

Paragon Protect and Restore

Paragon Protect and RestoreParagon Protect & Restore (PPR) provides fast backup and recovery capabilities. It ties in seamlessly with hypervisors (e.g. ESX) for agentless backups, VM replication and instant restores. This makes PPR a good solution for IT admins of complex IT infrastructures and companies with rather small and basic installations alike. The central management console allows the user to configure backup and retention policies, storage locations, and perform restores, all conveniently from one console.

PPR looks to reduce downtime through optimized RPO and RTO, have remote operation of backups and restores, and has a set-and-forget operation.

The PPR environment, which is hosted on vSphere or ESX, is managed by a centralized remote. It is also agent-based and takes disk-imaging backups of your physical and virtual network.

Key Features:

  • Distributed Architecture- Offers scalability for growing environments and medium to large departmentalized enterprises.
  • PPR Management Console- Centralized, easy-to-use interface to manage all virtual and physical machines from the same console.
  • Real-time Statistics, Notifications and Reporting- PPR includes smart tools of monitoring. PRR console can help to get real-time statistics on any activity executed at the moment.
  • Physicalto-physical, virtual-to-physical and virtual-to-virtual migration– PPR allows you to migrate and convert data between any type of machine.
  • Agent-Based Physical Backup– A special agent embedded to every target Windows-based physical machine interacts with the infrastructure and accomplishes backup tasks.
  • Agentless Replication of Guests– Replication provides the best RTO, as it utilizes clones (replicas) of target machines on a certain ESX datastore.
  • Remote Restore– Administrator can initiate recovery of data (non-system) volumes remotely from one of the management consoles.

Bottom Line:

Paragon is a solid backup and disaster recovery solution for growing or medium to large enterprises. PPR also offers free updates. It is an agent-based solution for your physical machines, and an agentless solution for your virtual ones.

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