Using Disaster Recovery as a Service to Combat Ransomware

How long would it take for your business to recover from a ransomware attack? This is an important number to know, given that it’s directly related to your bottom line.

If your business encounters ransomware, your files, production database and mission-critical apps could be infected. Restoring databases and apps from a backup solution could take days, according to Network World.

The publication spoke to Dean Nicolls, vice president of marketing at Infrascale, who said disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) could be the best way to combat this type of attack. Here are some ways DRaaS can offer more uptime and serve up a big ROI:

Find the infection point

Network World reported that a cloud backup often means that you won’t learn if your app has been corrupted right away. But when you do find out, and valuable time has passed, administrators will download the application files from the cloud and rebuild it.

It will be based on your last backup and if the app runs, then you restored a clean copy. However, this doesn’t always work out and means that you may have to go to the next most recent backup and recompile, Network World reported, and that can take several hours or days. However, with DRaaS, a production server can be booted right away to let you know if you’ve been infected.

Fast recovery time means more uptime

DRaaS tools mean the chance to “quickly failover productions systems by spinning up VMs or images in the cloud (or a local appliance) in minutes,” according to Network World.

However, if your plan is to restore files from a clean backup, that could take 4 to 5 hours on a good day.

Orchestration is built in

If you rely on backup to restore your apps and databases, there has to be a plan in place for recovery. But if you use a DRaaS solution, built-in failover orchestration can allow you to make “predetermined failover plans for a group of replicated VMs, which can be booted simultaneously or in a specific order,” Network World reported.

More than one recovery option

Ransomware is tricky and every business in the enterprise is affected differently. From personal files to apps and systems, ransomware is an “equal opportunity offender.” Legacy backup tools will help in recovering files, but running systems and recovering apps is a different story. But if you have a DRaaS solution, administrators can take care of any of files, apps, systems and more.