Zetta BDR Survey Finds Diversity in IT, Slow Cloud Adoption

A recent survey conducted by Zetta aimed to discover what a typical IT backup environment looks like in relation to backup and disaster recovery (BDR). Zetta surveyed more than 400 IT professionals to find that each individual IT department was vastly different from the next, and that diversity was a common theme, but there were some notable similarities.

Zetta InfographicZetta found that almost no organization works with just one of anything, meaning that each used more than one tool to fill each specific need. 70 percent of respondents used more than one type of backup process on the three main types of data: file, application or server image backup. 52 percent of the IT professionals used all three and 55 percent used more than one solution for disaster recovery.

As far as operating systems go, 95 percent use Windows in some capacity, as it’s obviously still the cream of the crop in the enterprise environment. However, nearly two-thirds of those polled use at least one other OS (sometimes two) in their current mix – something that BDR solutions providers will want to consider in the development of their offerings.

Here’s the most interesting discovery from the survey. While business virtualization is a goal for many of the respondents, 53 percent noted that less than 70 percent of their servers were virtualized, and a full third of those polled explained that only 31 to 70 percent of their servers were virtualized.

Building on that, there were twelve different options for the disaster recovery question, but 70 percent responded with one of these answers: just on-premise, just physical offsite, on-premise combined with cloud, and on-premise combined with physical offsite. No other question garnered more than 5 percent of their responses.

This means that organizations, even within the enterprise are still operating with largely on-premise or local data. While BDR solutions might be moving to the cloud, and most in the industry seem to agree that that’s where we’re headed, there’s still a big need for BDR software that can backup and recover local and on-premise data.

Here’s a quote from the original article with Zetta’s “bottom line” findings: “While each backup environment can be drastically different, many seem to have one big thing in common: they’re not homogenous. From a backup and DR perspective, this means it’s important to offer enough flexibility and breadth of support to ensure that, if and when there’s a problem, the unique snowflakes don’t melt.”

Even though BDR solutions seem to be going cloud-crazy, the market for offerings that can operate in a hybrid environment seem to be the best fit for many organizations at the moment. The “cloud” term is undoubtedly a trending buzz word in the IT industry, and will continue to be, but for now, it appears as though its time in the sun will have to wait.

Maybe those BDR clouds are moving a bit slower than we thought.

Zetta DataProtect is an enterprise-grade, cloud backup and disaster recovery and archiving solution for small to mid-sized enterprises, managed service providers and value-added resellers.

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