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Altair Unveils Collection of New Features in Altair Panopticon Platform

Altair Unveils Collection of New Features in Altair Panopticon Platform
Altair Unveils Collection of New Features in Altair Panopticon Platform

Source: Altair

Altair recently announced major updates to Altair Panopticon, a streaming analytics and data visualization platform designed for operational, trading and market data. The release is highlighted by speed and flexibility enhancements, as well as the scalability of a cloud-based solution. These upgrades further simplify the deployment and expansion of user-generated content, dashboards and applications.

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Altair Panopticon lets business users build, modify, and deploy streaming analytics and data visualization applications using a drag-and-drop interface. They can connect to virtually any data source, including real-time streaming feeds and time series databases, develop stream processing programs, and design visual user interfaces. Altair Panopticon supports cloud deployments on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. It is also compatible with containerized cloud implementations using Docker.

The product has traditionally been used by organizations involved in electronic trading and in banks with asset managers. However, the feature upgrades in this edition of Altair Panopticon an be utilized by organizations in other sectors where real-time monitoring and analysis of high-volume and velocity streaming data is important. These include operational data analytics applications in manufacturing, logistics, telecoms, oil and gas production, and energy distribution.

Brand new features included in this Panopticon release are headlined by the ability for users to manage and permission content, prepared data sources, and create interactive dashboards via a UI delivered through standard web browsers. Users can also distribute content across server clusters, fine-tune control of dashboards and workbooks, and take advantage of faster performance with the time series and tick databases commonly used within capital markets.

In a media statement about the news, Altair’s CTO Sam Mahalingam said: “With Panopticon, our clients can examine their time series data down to the millisecond – or below – as well as monitor any number of real-time streaming feeds in actionable ways. It’s a real-time world, and with Panopticon 2020, we are delivering a ‘single pane of glass’ view into the complete application lifecycle in the most scalable cloud-ready streaming analytics platform on the market.”

Altair Panopticon is available to new and existing customers via the vendor’s units-based licensing model. Click here to learn more.

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