Business Intelligence Best-Selling Books

2016 Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide from Solutions ReviewSolutions Review has compiled a cross-section of the best-selling books for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Below you will find a library of books from recognized experts and enterprise market analysts in the field. From Data Discovery to Advanced Analytics, these publications have something to offer even the most tenured Big Data professional.

Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics

“Between the high-level concepts of business intelligence and the nitty-gritty instructions for using vendors’ tools lies the essential, yet poorly-understood layer of architecture, design and process. Without this knowledge, Big Data is belittled – projects flounder, are late and go over budget.”
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Business Intelligence: A Managerial Perspective on Analytics (3rd Edition)

“A managerial approach to understanding business intelligence systems.
To help future managers use and understand analytics, Business Intelligence provides a solid foundation of BI that is reinforced with hands-on practice. “

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Business Intelligence For Dummies

“Business Intelligence For Dummies makes BI understandable! It takes you step by step through the technologies and the alphabet soup, so you can choose the right technology and implement a successful BI environment.”
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Business Intelligence in Plain Language: A practical guide to Data Mining and Business Analytics

” Business Intelligence(BI) is shrouded in mystery for a lot of us but it doesn’t need to stay that way. Business Intelligence in Plain Language is a systematic exploration of this complicated tool.”
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Business Intelligence Strategy: A Practical Guide for Achieving BI Excellence

“This practical guide explores creating business alignment strategies that help prioritize business requirements, build organizational and cultural strategies, increase IT efficiency, and promote user adoption.”
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Successful Business Intelligence, Second Edition: Unlock the Value of BI & Big Data

“Revised to cover new advances in business intelligence―big data, cloud, mobile, and more―this fully updated bestseller reveals the latest techniques to exploit BI for the highest ROI.”
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Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 3/E

“Equip your organization for informed, timely decision making using the expert tips and best practices in this practical guide. This book explains how to effectively develop, customize, and distribute meaningful information to users enterprise-wide.”
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Business Intelligence, Second Edition: The Savvy Manager’s Guide

“Discusses the objectives and practices for designing and deploying a business intelligence (BI) program. It looks at the basics of a BI program, from the value of information and the mechanics of planning for success to data model infrastructure”
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Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support

“Provides the only comprehensive, up-to-date guide to today’s revolutionary management support system technologies, and showcases how they can be used for better decision-making.”
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Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach

“To help future managers use and understand analytics, Business Intelligence provides a solid foundation of BI that is reinforced with hands-on practice. “
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Business Intelligence: Practices, Technologies, and Management

“Business professionals who want to advance their careers need to have a strong understanding of how to utilize business intelligence. This new book provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic business and technical concepts they’ll need to know”
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Applied Microsoft Business Intelligence

“Applied Microsoft Business Intelligence shows you how to leverage the complete set of Microsoft tools—including Microsoft Office and SQL Server—to better analyze business data.”
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