Alteryx Analytics 10.5 Links Data Analysts to the Cloud

Alteryx Analytics

Alteryx recently announced version 10.5 of Alteryx Analytics. The updated tool empowers business analysts to prepare and blend data from diverse datasets and scale self-service analytics. Version 10.5 provides business analysts with the capabilities they need to uncover more in-depth insights in a much shorter period of time. This release features support for incorporating data from Amazon Aurora, Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, and Salesforce. In addition, in-database data blending for Apache Hive and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse is also included.

Version 10.5 allows data analysts to discover new insights by incorporating data from the previously mentioned data sources, like Amazon Aurora. Analysts no longer require HQL or SQL coding to blend large amounts of data inside supported data warehouse connectors. Additional features included inside version 10.5 include:

  • Access to cloud and other Big Data sources: Data analysts can uncover new insights by incorporating data from all of the sources above while also having the ability to prepare and blend large quantities of data right inside Hive and Azure without the need for coding.
  • Share scalable analytics: Data analysts can now share their workflows as customizable applications inside Alteryx Server securely, enabling broader organizational awareness with distributed analytics.
  • Business analyst community expansion: No matter their physical location, data analysts will experience faster time-to-insight building complex analytics in a much easier way with workflow tool samples and pre-built analytics examples. Version 10.5 also includes new international third-party geospital data and geocoding capabilities.

Bob Laurent, Vice President of Product Marketing at Alteryx, concludes: “The self-service data analytics market will continue to grow as more organizations realize how quickly data analysts can reach critical insights to drive better decisions across their business. Alteryx is the leader in this market, and our new release further empowers business users with the analytics tools they need to prep, blend, and analyze data more efficiently — allowing their companies to remain competitive and achieve their business goals.”

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