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Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of February 2; Updates from Databricks, Microsoft, ThoughtSpot & More

Solutions Review Executive Editor Tim King curated this list of notable analytics and data science news for the week of February 2, 2024.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant analytics and data science news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy analytics and data science news items.

Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of February 2, 2024

Anaconda Names Peter Wang Chief AI & Innovation Officer; Announces New AI Incubator

Peter Wang was named Chief AI & Innovation Officer and will lead Anaconda’s new AI Incubator. The AI Incubator will serve as an internal research and development group dedicated to advancing Python performance in AI workloads and supporting the company’s competitive advantage.

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AtScale Releases New Power BI/Microsoft Fabric Performance Benchmark Report

In this extensive benchmarking study, the authors meticulously explored the capabilities of Power BI’s new Direct Lake connection to Microsoft’s OneLake platform across a spectrum of data sizes, ranging from 100 gigabytes to 10 terabytes, under light to heavy user concurrency.

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Databricks Acquires Natural Language Notebook Provider Einblick

It’s the fourth in a flurry of acquisitions from Databricks over the last 12 months, including data replicator Arcion for $100 million back in autumn 2023, Mosiac ML before that in a whopping $1.3 billion deal, and data governance platform Okera before that, for an undisclosed sum.

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Microsoft Announces New Partner Solution Accelerators for Embedded BI

Designed for ISVs and enterprises with similar needs, the new partner accelerators deliver a personalized user experience straight out of the box while simplifying the implementation process. They either eliminate the need for coding or significantly reduce the coding effort by providing back-end and admin modules.

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Rockset Announces New Instance Class; Investment from HPE

Additionally, Rockset introduced compute-compute separation, an industry-first for real-time analytics that eliminates compute overprovisioning by allowing streaming ingest or query serving to be independently scaled up and down, enabling multiple applications on shared real-time data without any operational burden.

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ThoughtSpot Expands Enterprise BI Platform with New AI Tools

The new products come after a year of significant innovation for ThoughtSpot, including acquiring Mode Analytics and launching ThoughtSpot Sage. The company’s significant expansion of its AI offerings take this innovation further to deliver a modern, impactful experience to every kind of user, regardless of technical expertise.

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Expert Insights Section

Watch this space each week as our editors will share upcoming events, new thought leadership, and the best resources from Insight Jam, Solutions Review’s enterprise tech community for business software pros. The goal? To help you gain a forward-thinking analysis and remain on-trend through expert advice, best practices, predictions, and vendor-neutral software evaluation tools.

Solutions Review Launches The Thought Leader Project

The Thought Leader Project is a single initiative that brings the full power of Solutions Review‘s authority, reach, and distribution to help technology vendors build brands, enhance their reputation, and ultimately, reach their target market.

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Solutions Review Set to Host Databricks and Unravel Data for Exclusive Roundtable on February 14

With the next Expert Roundtable event, the team at Solutions Review has partnered with Databricks and Unravel Data to delve into the relationship between AI products and efficient, production-ready data pipelines.

The speakers will explore how organizations are leveraging data observability and FinOps to augment data teams. Hear strategies from the experts to accelerate your data pipeline deployments to support GenAI innovation.

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BARC Announces DATA Festival Munich: the Data Party of the Year

BARC’s DATA festival is heading back to Munich on March 19-20, 2024. This two-day event is designed for professionals seeking to chart a course toward a future where human & artificial intelligence work hand in hand to do well and to do good.

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SR Editors Cap off Data Privacy Week with Definitive Roundup of Expert Quotes

Solutions Review editors sourced this definitive roundup of expert quotes on Data Privacy Week 2024 from Insight Jam, its new community of enterprise tech experts. Their perspectives shed light on the importance of proactive measures, the role of legislation, and the individual’s part in maintaining data privacy.

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SR Editors Release Annual Roundup of Expert Analytics & Data Science Predictions for 2024

For our 5th annual Insight Jam LIVE! Solutions Review editors sourced this resource guide of analytics and data science predictions for 2024 from Insight Jam, its new community of enterprise tech experts.

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