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Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of February 9; Updates from Databricks, Infragistics, SQream & More

Solutions Review Executive Editor Tim King curated this list of notable analytics and data science news for the week of February 9, 2024.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant analytics and data science news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy analytics and data science news items.

Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of February 9, 2024

Amplitude Drops New Features & Simpler Pricing Options

New Experiment capabilities help teams build more personalized websites and campaigns. Visual tag editor lowers the barrier to entry for companies getting started with data collection and instrumentation. Alongside redesigned pricing options to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, these new capabilities help companies see everything their customers do, understand what drives growth, and build better products—all in one platform.

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Anaconda Joins AI Alliance

Joined by industry leaders like IBM, Meta, Oracle, and Snowflake, Anaconda is committed to collaboratively advancing AI innovation while ensuring its accessibility and safety. Through initiatives like the AI Alliance, Anaconda and its partners are poised to lead the way in creating a more secure, ethical, and open future for AI.

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Databricks Adds Enhancement to Recently-Released ARC Feature

ARC allows ARC to find links between 2 different tables, using the same open, scalable, and simple framework. Data linking is a common challenge across Government. The feature was initially released in April 2023.

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Domino Data Lab Also Joins AI Alliance

The AI Alliance, an international community of developers, researchers, and organizations dedicated to promoting open, safe and responsible artificial intelligence, today announced the addition of more than 20 new members, bringing together a diverse mix of academia, startups, enterprises, and scientific organizations from around the globe.

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Kinetica Joins Connect with Confluent Partner Program

Confluent is at the forefront of streaming data technology, offering capabilities that make it an industry leader. Kinetica enhances this proposition by ingesting high-velocity data streams and fusing them with contextual data, enabling the execution of complex SQL queries in real time.

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SQream Announces Strategic Partnership with AI Innovator Dataiku

SQream’s acclaimed data analytics technology accelerates the processing and analysis of massive datasets, integrating seamlessly with Dataiku to enhance end-to-end data science workflows.

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Expert Insights Section

Watch this space each week as our editors will share upcoming events, new thought leadership, and the best resources from Insight Jam, Solutions Review’s enterprise tech community for business software pros. The goal? To help you gain a forward-thinking analysis and remain on-trend through expert advice, best practices, predictions, and vendor-neutral software evaluation tools.

Solutions Review Launches The Thought Leader Project

The Thought Leader Project is a single initiative that brings the full power of Solutions Review‘s authority, reach, and distribution to help technology vendors build brands, enhance their reputation, and ultimately, reach their target market.

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Solutions Review Set to Host Databricks and Unravel Data for Exclusive Roundtable on February 14

With the next Expert Roundtable event, the team at Solutions Review has partnered with Databricks and Unravel Data to delve into the relationship between AI products and efficient, production-ready data pipelines.

The speakers will explore how organizations are leveraging data observability and FinOps to augment data teams. Hear strategies from the experts to accelerate your data pipeline deployments to support GenAI innovation.

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Solutions Review Set to Host Infragistics for February 15 Spotlight Event

In How Embedded Analytics Empowers Organizations for Digital Transformation, see how Reveal empowers organizations to embark on a successful journey of digital transformation through the integration of embedded analytics.

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SR Expert @ Insight Jam Bob Seiner Uses Gardening to Define the Data Stewardship Landscape

The role of data stewards can be brilliantly likened to gardeners in a rich and diverse landscape. Just as a gardener skillfully tends to a variety of plants, ensuring their harmonious growth and productivity, data stewards in an organization nurture and maintain the vast expanse of data. Click below to sow seeds.

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SR Expert @ Insight Jam Dr. Joe Perez Offers Advice on How to Become a Better Data Architect

As businesses continue to recognize the value of data-driven decision-making, the demand for skilled data architects is on the rise. However, merely holding the title of a data architect is not enough. To truly excel in this role and make a significant impact, one must continuously strive for improvement and mastery of their craft.

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SR Expert @ Insight David Sweenor Publishes New TinyTechGuide: GenAI Business Applications with Yves Mulkers

sections on implementation and tips for piloting generative AI, a guide to ensuring success in your specific industry or department, and even a deep-dive on key considerations like governance, risk, and compliance. All combined, this is perhaps the most actionable resource that exists on the topic today.

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BARC Announces DATA Festival Munich: the Data Party of the Year

BARC’s DATA festival is heading back to Munich on March 19-20, 2024. This two-day event is designed for professionals seeking to chart a course toward a future where human & artificial intelligence work hand in hand to do well and to do good.

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