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Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of November 17; Updates from Databricks, Microsoft, Salesforce & More

Solutions Review editors curated this list of the most noteworthy analytics and data science news items for the week of November 17, 2023.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant analytics and data science news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy analytics and data science news items.

Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of November 17, 2023

Appian Announces New Fabric Analytics Features in Latest AI Process Automation Platform

The new release empowers business and IT leaders to streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and drive better business outcomes through data-driven decision-making. The platform update features a preview release of Appian’s self-service analytics (SSA) capabilities, which allow any user to effortlessly gain insights from Appian’s Data Fabric.

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Cloudera & NVIDIA Advance Collab on Expanding AI Features

Cloudera, an enterprise data management and analytics platform, announced further support for NVIDIA’s advanced technology in private and public clouds. The collaboration will empower customers to construct and deploy AI applications with increased efficiency.

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Databricks Announces the Availability of Azure Databricks Support for ACC

With support for Azure confidential computing, customers can build an end-to-end data platform with increased confidentiality and privacy on Databricks by protecting data in use, or in memory, with AMD-based Azure confidential virtual machines (VMs).

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Dataiku Adds Databricks to LLM Mesh Partner Program

Through this integration and partnership, the two companies are paving a clearer and more vibrant path for Generative AI-driven business transformations while allowing the enterprise to capitalize on the immense potential of LLMs.

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Domino Data Lab Hires Former US DHS Strategist Joel Meyer as President of Public Sector

With Meyer at the head of its efforts to modernize, scale, and accelerate AI innovation across the public sector, Domino will seek authorization from the U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for its market-leading enterprise AI platform.

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ibi Announces New Data Management Solution Called ‘Data Intelligence’

The offering brings together ibi’s robust software capabilities to transform how users across organizations interact with their data. ibi Data Intelligence delivers a comprehensive solution, providing advanced capabilities and seamless processes for connectivity, integration, workflow orchestration, transformation, enrichment, deduplication, unification, and mastering at scale.

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Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Fabric

Since the preview announcement, 25,000 organizations around the world are already using Fabric today, including 67 percent of the Fortune 500. Most customers appreciate Fabric’s end-to-end value proposition, with 84 percent of companies using three or more workloads.

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Power BI Gets New Explore, Button Slicer & Reference Card Labels

Overshadowed by the giant’s public release of Microsoft Fabric. With the launch of these next-generation analytics tools, you can empower your data teams to more easily scale to meet the demand of the business.

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Qlik Secures StateRAMP for AI-Powered Cloud Government Platform

Qlik Cloud Government serves as a standard for public sector cloud analytics, empowering organizational-wide data-driven decisions through a modern cloud platform. StateRAMP is a critical cloud security attestation modeled after FedRAMP, designed to address the specific technology and compliance requirements of state and local governments and educational organizations.

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Teradata Announces Serverless AI/ML Platform Called AI Unlimited

AI Unlimited compliments the mission-critical Teradata VantageCloud system managed by IT, expanding governed access to data and ClearScape Analytics to enable new patterns of innovation via free-flowing trial and error without the fear of cost overruns.

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Expert Insights Section

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Solutions Review Set to Host Monte Carlo & Salesforce for Exclusive GenAI Event on November 30

With the next Spotlight event, the team at Solutions Review has partnered with Monte Carlo (and their partner Salesforce) for an informative webinar show. While GenAI has its fair share of hype, data leaders are being tasked by executives with investing in AI across the business. But how can we ensure that these technologies are actually useful and impactful?

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Solutions Review Unveils Executive Roundtable Panel Topics for Insight Jam LIVE December 5-8

We are excited to bring an entirely new distribution channel to Insight Jam, and provide our readers with guidance, best practices, and advice on top-of-mind topics in enterprise technology, our community of experts a loudspeaker from which to share their insights, and our PR and vendor partners the ability to measure their impact on the community.

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