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Arcadia Data Adds Machine-Assisted Insights to Visual Analytics Tool

Arcadia Data Adds Machine-Assisted Insights to Visual Analytics Tool
Arcadia Data Adds Machine-Assisted Insights to Visual Analytics Tool

Source: Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data recently announced an update to its streaming visual analytics product that includes machine-assisted insights to allow self-service functionality to business analysts. The new version is meant to reduce the hassle that expansive data types force upon workflows. The upcoming release enables users to handle large data volumes so they can develop real-time visuals to circumvent data that was previously hard to locate or work with.

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The tool features three main feature enhancements:

  1. Streaming visual support (time-based filters): Pull most recent data from a specific time window from streaming sources and refresh visuals without manual polling. Users can play and pause on data streams.
  2. Instant Visuals for live data recommendations: Built-in recommendation engine provides side-by-side comparisons of ideal chart/graphic options on live data. It also enables a variety of rich options for color and formatting selection.
  3. Support for complex data: Real-time streams of ETL-less data gives analysts access to more data sources to explore via self-service.

In a statement, the company’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Shant Hovsepian explained: “It’s the need for immediacy and scale that is increasingly putting pressure on IT teams to reduce administrative overhead and deliver more self-service. Our new release empowers business analysts with features like the machine-recommended visuals to get value faster from their data.”

Mega-analyst and research house Gartner, Inc. recently named Arcadia Data an up-and-coming solution provider in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics, taking particular interest in manufacturing, device diagnostics, repair, and maintenance.

The vendor’s latest and greatest will be available in the months ahead.

Read the release.

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