Birst 5X Touts Adaptive User Experience for Analytics

Birst 2-Tier Analytics

This morning Birst announced the release of Birst 5X, claiming it to be “an analytic experience unlike any other.” The new business intelligence (BI) solution provides IT professionals with an Adaptive User Experience that will “transform how people work with data”, according to the company. Birst’s aim was to overhaul the analytic experience in order to fit it into today’s demanding workplace, planning for a “people in” vs. pushing tools out” approach.

Adding to Birst’s 2-tier Analytics Technology, Birst 5X hopes to deliver an experience where every user becomes a producer. This will allow organizations to use existing analytic tools while forcing data to adapt to a company’s own mobile workstyle. Birst 5X avoids squeezing IT professionals into rigid user roles which can stifle creativity, but instead adapt to each person’s own unique style of working with data.

Birst 5X and the Adaptive User Experience includes updates to Birst’s dashboards and visual discovery tools, while enhancing Birst’s mobile BI platform. The release also introduces an Open Client Interface that enables organizations to continue with their preferred front-end BI tool, such as Tableau, Microsoft Excel or R, and to analyze trusted sources of data in Birst’s User Data Tier.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Adaptive User Experience in Birst 5X does:

  • Turns data consumers into data producers: Other solutions typically offer different products and interfaces. Birst 5X delivers an integrated analytic experience that pulls down the barrier between dashboards and visual discovery, giving users the ability to transition seamlessly between modes so they can both produce and consume business insights.
  • Adapts to a mobile workstyle: Birst 5X offers an upgraded mobile experience with included support for disconnected analysis, giving users access to critical business data anytime, anywhere. Additionally, users will now gain the ability to interact with live data without network connectivity. The supported “responsive design” adjusts the presentation of the content depending on the form factor. The need to develop multiple copies of a dashboard in order to view it on different devices has also been eliminated as a result of the “build once, deploy anywhere” model.
  • Fits your current experience: The new Open Client Interface in Birst 5X extends a company’s existing IT framework, enabling organizations to use the front-end tool they have already deployed. This allows for companies to use their product of choice with Birst, giving them a trusted source of data to work with, delivering self-service without sacrificing governance.

Junaid Saiyed, VP of Product Management and Engineering at Birst explains: “Birst is continuing to pioneer a 2-tier approach to BI and analytics. With Birst 5X we are rethinking the user experience by focusing on how people interact with data instead of putting them in a rigid user role. Birst 5X gives people an agile experience that adapts to their workstyle, whether they need operational dashboards or visual discovery, in the office or on the road, and all against a trusted source of truth.”

Birst claims that centralized and decentralized teams must be brought together to ensure success in today’s analytic landscape. Furthermore, companies typically support a variety of BI tools, which can complicate things within an IT department. Allowing business users to employ existing BI tools on top of Birst’s trusted data sources is essential in enabling a 2-tier analytics tool that delivers speed with data governance.

For Birst’s full press release, click here.

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