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Birst Fall 2017 Touts Expansive User Experience Upgrades

Birst Fall 2017 Touts Expansive User Experience Upgrades
Birst Fall 2017 Touts Expansive User Experience Upgrades

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Birst announced recently the release of its Fall 2017 Networked BI update. The release is aimed at non-expert business users, and Birst claims that the enhancements will provide them with capabilities that are normally reserved for “power users.” The main components of the fall update include connectivity, data transformation, networking, interactivity, and administration.

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The tool extends its Connected Data Preparation experience to business users with ROLAP (Relational Online Analytical Processing) capabilities so that they can extract data from databases or query it directly from other sources using Live Access. The release also makes the platform’s ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) capabilities available to non-technical users.

Fall 2017 enables greater use of networking capabilities, helping business users more quickly turn data from disparate systems into a shared analytical network. Birst is rolling out enhanced and expanded interactivity capabilities, as it continues to invest in the platform’s dashboarding and visual data discovery experiences. In addition, the tool incorporates the vendor’s administration interface to the tool’s user experience. The first set of capabilities delivered includes a user management and security configuration.

Birst received among the four highest scores in four of the five use cases assessed in the 2017 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report, which examined products from 26 vendors. Birst scored highest for the OEM or Embedded BI (4.15 out of 5) and Extranet Deployment (4.18 out of 5) use cases.

The company’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Brad Peters summed up the new capabilities: “These capabilities, previously only available to sophisticated enterprise customers, are now available to anyone and Birst is the only cloud analytics provider to deliver them.”

This is Birst’s first major product update since the company was purchased by Infor back in June.

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