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Birst Networked BI Goes Mobile, Adds Governance & Kills Silos

Networked BI

Yesterday Birst announced new capabilities for their Networked BI Platform, including Birst Mobile for Android, collaboration, end-user data preparation to further eliminated data silos, and new data governance functionalities. These new capabilities empower enterprise end-users work with data autonomously with unprecedented agility and speed, while maintaining data governance, data quality, and consistency. The Birst Networked BI Platform creates a network of interwoven BI instances that share a common analytical fabric, eliminating data silos to ensure collaboration and accelerate the delivery of BI across the enterprise.

With these new capabilities, Birst delivers the end-user ease-of-use and governance capabilities necessary for enterprise-wide analytics. End-user data preparation gives users the ability to rapidly refine their own data, analyze it independently, or blend it with data from other users within a particular BI network. All of an organization’s users can gain insights on their own while also staying connected to other users within the company, eliminating the siloes that emerge from analyzing data on a desktop and ensures one seamless analytical connection.

By extending the power of the enterprise network, Birst’s collaboration capability enables any user in the network to collaborate through in-context discussion threads that mimic their daily social media interactions. In contrast to the basic collaboration capabilities offered by Business Intelligence platforms, user posts, within Birst, capture the data in context, ensuring that business users can see the data as it was when the original posts were first created.

In addition, Birst Mobile for Android enables users to access the same data whenever on a desktop, laptop or any mobile device. Offline capabilities automatically sync data and content so business users can view mobile analytics even when not connected.

Networked BI is built on top of its next-generation, multi-tenant cloud architecture and redefines the way Business Intelligence is developed, delivered, and consumed. Unlike legacy BI tools, Birst’s approach delivers an interwoven fabric of data consistency, trusted collaboration, and transparent governance between centralized and decentralized teams.

Birst’s Chief Product Officer Brad Peters adds: “Birst’s revolutionary approach to BI allows for agility, so business users can operate in their own personal BI sandbox while staying connected across the entire enterprise. Unlike traditional approaches, Birst’s Networked BI Platform helps business leaders empower users to work freely with data, while delivering trust, governance and agility at scale.”

Click here to read through the full press release.

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