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Birst: The Changing World of BI and Analytics

Birst -The Changing World of BI and Analytics

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Here’s a new presentation from Birst, outlining just how the BI space is evolving. Leaders in IT knew a world where they managed their own data and sift through it manually to create reports, but that is all changing. The slideshow outlines the two different sectors that have formed in the industry. The first is aimed at the casual user who employs dashboards built to answer predetermined questions. The other supplies high-end users access to data to solve unexpected questions using analytics tools.

“In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the specifics about these two environments and learn what BI leaders must do to ensure success
  • Learn organizational and technical methods to bring these two worlds together as a coherent whole
  • Hear how Birst’s 2-tier analytics technology enables BI leaders to serve the needs of both types of users

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