Board International Announces Release of Their Updated BI Solution Board 9

Board International Announces Release of Their Updated BI Solution Board 9Board International’s Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Analytics software has taken the next leap with their release of Board 9. According to the compnay, “The new version delivers significant improvement to their self-service analysis capabilities, and organizations, by offering the capability to easily embed Predictive Analytics into enterprise decision making processes.”

As one of the most competitive corporate technology solutions, business intelligence software companies are working very hard to one-up one another with each new release.  With this announcement, Board is taking direct aim at a few high profile features with this latest version:

“BOARD Enterprise Analytics Modelling (BEAM) is a new module that seamlessly integrates Advanced and Predictive Analytics into BOARD, making it easy to uncover powerful insights and take action. Extremely flexible, easy to use for business users, superfast, BEAM offers a revolutionary solution to effectively incorporate all the power of Predictive Analytics into daily business operations and decision-making processes.”

Explaining further, Board commented announced, “The second generation of BOARD mobile apps moves Mobile Intelligence beyond traditional analysis and reporting, extending it to Performance Management. The introduction of mobile data-entry, write-back and business rules makes it possible to develop and deploy planning, forecasting and simulation applications on iPads and Win 8 tablets.”

In addition to sophistication and speed, the new release also trumpets presentation, “A completely renewed graphical engine, combined with an extended set of graphs, radically impacts user experience with better interactivity, usability and ease of analysis.

Aside from beefing up an already robust Business Intelligence and Analytics solution, we see the improvements made in the Mobile Environment to be especially exciting to consumers and businesses alike.  Allowing users to move beyond simply analyzing their data through their mobile device, to now having the ability to access and manage that same data, and subsequent jobs thereafter through ‘Mobile Intelligence’, is truly a wave of the future.  In a world where data immediacy increasingly reigns supreme, it appears ‘Board 9’ has answered the call!

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