BOARD Releases Version 10 of All-In-One BI & CPM Platform


BOARD International announced on Monday morning the general release of BOARD 10, the company’s all-in-one platform for Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Performance Management. With this new offering, BOARD will allow organizations to harness the full scope of these tools in conjunction with the architecture and security that the Amazon Web Services brings to the table.

BOARD’s cloud offering will include a set of pre-packed applications for financial planning and analysis, including financial consolidation and RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary). In addition, the company will make an innovative environment to deliver SaaS analytics applications available to its partners and customers. Version 10 also includes a new self-service data modeling functionality to allow business users to connect to any data source with ease. This new feature is called “Data Fast Track.” This will allow for instantaneous creation of data models and immediately run visual analytics and the ability to build analytics applications, all without the help of IT.

BOARD version 10 has data model enrichment capabilities as well, and users can automatically blend additional data sets by creating derived fields, similar to how it would be done in Excel. Since Data Fast Track is natively integrated into the BOARD platform, IT departments will find it easy to promote the created business models across the enterprise, which will help to maintain full data governance on a corporate scale.

BOARD’s CEO Giovanni Grossi notes: “BOARD 10 bridges the gap between user self-service and enterprise-class BI and CPM, ensuring complete independence to the business without compromising the platform’s capability to support full-scale decision-making processes. Moreover, BOARD 10 makes the delivery model a matter of choice: customers can easily implement it on premise, in hosting or on a public cloud with the same reliability and robustness.”

BOARD has more than 3,000 global customers, and is undoubtedly one of the top Business Intelligence vendors in the industry. Check out their listing in our BI Solutions Directory.

For the company’s official presser, click here.

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