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eWeek Business Intelligence Predictions for 2014

eWeek Business Intelligence Predictions for 2014These days anyone working with data understands that business intelligence (BI) and analytics are becoming an increasingly important aspect of day to day business processes. Innovation in both BI and data analytic tools will be a large theme in 2014 as they move away from traditional purpose-built servers and start incorporating social, cloud, application and mobile data.

We will begin to see BI move away from only the data scientist and IT department, and into the hands of the manager, executive and business professional. BI and analytic tools will become increasingly intuitive allowing for a wider range of use in the enterprise and for more employees to make sense of enterprise data.

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As 2014 quickly approaches eWEEK has highlighted perspectives from Chris Preimesberger outlining where organization’s focuses should lie with BI. The slide show covers a myriad of topics including:

  • The Humanization of IT
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Data Governance
  • User-centric BI solutions
  • Access to the RIGHT data
  • Repurposing data
  • Support for the mobile workforce
  • Open data and transparency
  • Focus on small data

You can click here to access to full slide show to learn more about BI focuses for 2014 from QlikTech. Also click here to access a free 2014 BI Solutions Guide outlining the top solution options for your BI initiatives.

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