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Chartio Adds to Agile BI Solution with Data Stores

Chartio BI

Chartio, a company we recently tracking here at Solutions Review, yesterday announced Data Stores, a more agile way to transform and store data for use within their business intelligence (BI) tool. Data Stores gives organizations the ability to use Chartio’s Data Pipeline in order to swiftly transform data and store it in the cloud. This makes it much easier for users to access the data they need.

Traditionally, BI tools require a time-consuming and costly ETL and data warehousing processes, which makes deploying BI an elaborate process demanding months of requirements planning, dedicated hardware, and expensive business consulting. Chartio’s goal with this enhancement is to enable organizations to skip the ETL and data warehousing process altogether, supplying an extensive modeling layer and direct connections to real-time data. Data Stores simplifies ETL by using Chartio’s Data Pipeline UI to layer in summary or rollup tables as needs change over time.

Organizations are granted the power to change the structure of their data inside Chartio without changes to their operational data. Data Stores eliminate the data warehouse in many situations by minimizing the of amount of storage needed and the time to process and transform that data. Chartio’s agile implementation process, which eliminates the need for waterfall BI that requires upfront warehousing, separate ETL processing, advanced planning, and consulting. Users of the solution can connect and analyze their data within minutes, layering it within cloud storage as their needs evolve.

Chartio’s CEO Dave Fowler speaks to the company’s outlook: “Our vision is to make business intelligence as universal as the common spreadsheet. To make that possible, BI has to be a lot more agile. Chartio’s customers can implement business intelligence without months of planning and improve their systems continuously. This lowers the risk of unanticipated expenses.”

Chartio is a cloud business intelligence service that anyone can use. Simple to set up and easy to use, Chartio enables business users to explore complex and disparate data in real time. Chartio’s drag-and-drop interface writes queries for you, or you can write and share your own SQL queries. With Chartio, anyone can build dashboards and visualizations and share them across the organization, or with their customers.

For the full press release, click here.

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