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Datameer 6 Touts Next-Gen Analytics Workflows

Datameer 6

Datameer today unveiled an update to their flagship analytics solution, Datameer 6. The new offering allows organizations to further democratize Big Data Analytics by making traditionally complex tasks easy. Version 6 introduces a new front end that overhauls the entire user experience, making the previously linear steps of Data Integration, Data Preperation, Data Analytics and Data Visualization a single interaction. Datameer 6 no longer requires shifts in context, tools or teams every time a data change is needed, saving both time and cost over traditional Data Analytics frameworks.

In addition, Datameer’s newest analytics tool also introduces Spark to its Smart Execution technology, which autonomously selects the best processing framework for every job while abstracting complexity from the end-user. This new capability ensures the fastest processing time and allows business users to focus on the business problem at hand instead of the underlying technologies that are being used to answer questions.

Datameer version 6 offers two major updates:

Next-gen analytics workflow for Data Discovery

Datameer leverages smart Data Discovery to transform complex, technical processes with point-and-click functionality. Version 6 provides fluidity to the entire self-service analytics workflow between Data Integration, Data Preparation, Data Analytics and Data Visualization in a single pane of glass. By moving past requiring users to hold technical skills or specalized tools, citizen data scientists become empowered to get the answers they need from their data.

Flexible architecture for future-proofing and optimal performance

Datameer’s analytics tool was purpose-built to perform via an open architecture that can quickly and easily incorporate new processing engines as they become enterprise-ready, so users can leverage the best of their Big Data ecosystem. Datameer 6 further expands upon its Smart Execution technology with the addition of Apache Spark, which frees end-users from having to determine what compute framework is optimal for various Big Data Analytics jobs by automatically optimizing performance across goth small and large data  sets. Version 6 helps to simplify the complexity of Spark so users don’t have to learn he necessary programming in order to take advantage of its processing capabilities.

Datameer’s CEO Stefan Groschupf concludes: “It’s not enough to just get data analytics in the hands of business users  it has to be extremely easy to use. The user experience has to engage them with their work and the goals of the company and the back end needs to handle all of the heavy lifting while removing the technical complexity. Datameer 6 is bringing the best of both worlds to the market.” 

Click here for the full press release or here to watch a video introduction.

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