Datameer Adds Dynamic Visuals to Flagship BI Tool

Datameer Adds Dynamic Visuals to Flagship BI Tool

Source: Glassdoor

Datameer announced a new tool, Visual Explorer, yesterday at the Strata Data Conference in New York City. The vendor is touting this release as an “industry-first” solution for visualizing large datasets. The solution is built on a patent-pending indexing framework and extends Datameer’s flagship platform beyond data integration, prep and governance. Visual Explorer is aimed at providing data engineers with increased flexibility in working with enterprise data.

Business analysts can then extend the value of those data pipelines by further preparing, refining and enriching the datasets that matter to them within a visual paradigm. Once analysts are satisfied with their customizations, Datameer will convert those explorations into repeatable and reusable data pipelines. Additionally, they are able to feed the output of their self-curated data pipelines into other BI and analytic solutions like Tableau or Power BI.

In a press statement, Datameer’s CEO Christian Rodatus explained: “As organizations sought to gain value from their data lakes and drive adoption, they tried a number of approaches that have largely failed, including recreating their Enterprise Data Warehouse stack. While those approaches had familiar paradigms such as SQL and OLAP, they required many hops between different tools, duplicating data and creating latency, which limited data exploration and eroded the value of their data.”

Visual Explorer is currently available as a private beta for select customers, and Datameer will be showing live demonstrations at booth #501 for the remainder of the Strata event.

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