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Datameer Unveils Neebo Cloud Analytics Hub, Nabs $40M Venture Round

Datameer Unveils Neebo Cloud Analytics Hub, Nabs $40M Venture Round
Datameer Unveils Neebo Cloud Analytics Hub, Nabs $40M Venture Round

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Datameer has announced Neebo, a new tool that enables analytics and data science teams to find, combine, and publish information to hybrid environments. The self-service platform also allows you to quickly answer analytics questions and build new models. Neebo works with information of any type, including data, documents, reports, code dashboards, SaaS applications, and data science models. This can be done no matter where the information lives, whether on-prem, in the cloud, in SaaS applications, or in web services.

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Datameer Neebo uses virtualization and AI to support its key capabilities for connecting to analytics, combining assets to help create better models, and publishing them for consumption by business intelligence and data science tools. Neebo also comes pre-packaged with security and governance features that complement and integrate into existing frameworks.

The tool embeds AI in many of its core functionalities to assist with the discovery of assets so teams can find the optimal ones for their specific use cases, providing data blend suggestions and optimizing queries and caching. Neebo manages a variety of assets that cover both traditional analytics and data science. Neebo works with data sources like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL. It also supports a variety of data warehouses.

In addition to the product release, Datameer secured $40 million in venture funding. With inclusion from new and existing investors, the round will enable Datameer to extend its position in the data preparation space. The vendor will also be using the funds to continue development of its new Neebo product.

These announcements come on the heels of the company’s release of Datameer X in September.

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