DataRobot 7 Touts AI Feature Upgrades Across Entire Product Line

DataRobot 7 Touts Feature AI Upgrades Across Entire Product Line

Source: DataRobot

DataRobot recently announced the release of DataRobot 7, the latest version of its flagship AI and machine learning platform. The release is highlighted by MLOps remove model challengers which allow customers to challenge production models no matter where they are running and regardless of framework or language in which it was built. Additionally, DataRobot 7 also offers choose your own forecast baseline which lets users compare the output of their forecasting models with predictions from DataRobot Automated Time Series.

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DataRobot offers an enterprise AI platform that automates the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI. The product is powered by open source algorithms and can be leveraged on-prem, in the cloud or as a fully-managed AI service. DataRobot includes three independent but fully integrated tools (Automated Machine Learning, Automated Time Series, MLOps), and each can be deployed in multiple ways to match business needs and IT requirements.

DataRobot 7 touts visual AI image augmentation through DataRobot AutoML, enabling users to create new training images from a company’s dataset by replicating and transforming the original images. There’s enhanced prediction preparation in this update as well. There is also new AutoML automatic bias and fairness testing, improved APF monitoring in the data prep module, and MLOps support for connecting to HitHub Enterprise and Bitbucket Server.

In a media statement, DataRobot SVP of Product Nenshad Bardoliwalla said “Through ongoing engagement with our customers, we’ve developed an intimate understanding of the challenges they face, as well as the opportunities they have, with AI. Our latest platform release has been specifically designed to help them seize the transformative power of AI and advance on their journeys to becoming AI-driven enterprises.”

DataRobot raised $270 million in pre-IPO funding at a valuation of $2.7 billion in November 2020.

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