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Datawatch Monarch 13.3 Touts Better & Faster Data Prep

Datawatch Monarch

Datawatch announced this morning the immediate availability of Monarch 13.3, the latest version of the company’s self-service data preparation tool. Monarch enables business users to acquire, manipulate and blend data from virtually any source. In addition, the new version delivers better and faster access and data prep through advanced functionality, simplicity, and enhanced data governance.

Key enhancements included in Monarch version 13.3 include:

  • Fuzzy Matching: Fuzzy join logic matches similar but non-identical values and data across a variety of sources
  • Load Plan Visualization: Boost data governance and compliance by providing a visual representation of load plan operations and data lineage
  • Smart Append Operations: Allows users to consolidate data from similar sources
  • Advanced Calculations: An expansive set of calculations that includes if-then-else logic, optimized calculations for data cleansing, and underscored by point-and-click simplicity
  • Prep Filters: Filtering that reduces large data sets to required subsets for ease-of-use
  • Additional enhancements: Angoss Software export, improved JSON/XML connectivity, custom report formatting, localization support to personalize data sets from multiple geographies

Jon Pilkington, Chief Product Officer at Datawatch concludes: “For the past 20 years, thousands of customers have relied on Datawatch to prep less and analyze more, saving not only valuable analyst time but company dollars as well. We are the only data prep provider empowering ordinary business users to turn data into intelligence for analytic and operational processes. Monarch 13.3 continues this legacy with new features designed to make self-service data prep even easier, so users can effortlessly deliver business value.”

Click here to learn more about Datawatch Monarch 13.3, or read the full press release.

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