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David A. Steinberg Suggests 3 Ways to Better Use Big Data in 2014

3 Ways to Better Use Big Data in 2014

3 Ways to Better Use Big Data in 2014David A. Steinberg is the CEO of XL Marketing, a New York-based, big data marketing enterprise.  In a recent article, Steinberg writes about three ways that companies can better use big data in 2014.  Steinberg explains that the percentage of companies investing in big data this year is expected to double to over 60%.  “Despite this growing emphasis on big data’s importance, there’s still a lack of consensus about what companies need to do to profit from it,” Steinberg writes.

Steinberg offers three suggestions for companies to become high performers in the big data era:

1. “Bridging the gaps. In 2014, the increase in supply of data scientists and the introduction of new data mining tools will help bridge the productivity gap.”

2. “Perfecting data management. In the coming year, high-performing businesses need to refine their data management systems to better serve their marketing teams.  It is crucial to give these teams information with which they can work to develop strategies that target key audiences and thus move the needle on ROI.”

3. “Going where the customers are. The depth of mobile and social media data is overwhelming.  High-performing companies will find it useful to employ this wealth of information, as it includes valuable nuggets of insight into customer behavior that were previously unavailable.”

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