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Domo Launches Updated Version of Domo Everywhere Embedded BI

Domo Launches Updated Version of Domo Everywhere Embedded BI
Domo Launches Updated Version of Domo Everywhere Embedded BI

Source: Domo

Domo recently launched its new Domo Everywhere release with updated components and new capabilities for delivering embedded analytics. The new version brings data sharing and collaboration via a highly curated experience. Domo’s existing set of embedded analytics products (Domo Publish, Domo Embed) will be consolidated under the Domo Everywhere brand as well. Now available as a new service on the Domo Platform, the Everywhere solution is available immediately.

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Domo is a cloud-based, mobile-first BI platform that helps companies drive more value from their data by helping organizations better integrate, interpret and use data to drive timely decision making and action across the business. The Domo platform enhances existing data warehouse and BI tools and allows users to build custom apps, automate data pipelines, and make data science accessible for anyone through automated insights that can be shared with internal or external stakeholders.

Domo Everywhere integrates with the identity-based attributes a customer already has in place and uses them as permission data and content so third parties only see what they should. The product also includes user-friendly data story creation capabilities, intelligent apps, visualizations, and native mobile capabilities to enable personalized experiences.

In a media statement on the news, Domo Chief Business Officier Jay Heglar said: “Domo is pushing external BI beyond the traditional ‘places’ that analytics content is embedded and the value that is received. With Domo Everywhere, we’re giving customers an easy way to create, deliver and monetize high-value data solutions in a fraction of the time it would normally take and with a fraction of the resources required of any other approach.”

Learn more about Domo Everywhere embedded analytics or watch Domo Everywhere Product Demo on YouTube.

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