Domo Unveils Data as a Service Capabilities with Domo Publish

Domo Unveils Data as a Service Capabilities with Domo Publish

Source: Domo

Domo recently announced the release and general availability of Domo Publish, a new tool that enables its customers to share data outside a firewall. The company said of thew new release: “Making data available as a service enables both Domo customers and members of their ecosystems to be more agile and to leverage data more cost effectively, through the scale, security and ease of use of the Domo platform.”

Domo was designed to provide access to data without the requirement of IT involvement. The company’s platform can monitor sales and inventories in real-time, and integrate with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Box and others. Its native data source connectors exceed 300, and the Analyzer feature can be tailored to filer out unnecessary information. The cloud-based executive management solution allows users to see data cross-organization on any device.

In a statement to the press, the company’s Chief of Strategy Jay Heglar said: “Customers are looking for new ways to be competitive and data remains a relatively untapped asset to accomplishing that. With Publish, organizations can make their data sets available to suppliers and partners, driving new revenue streams while also improving the efficiency of how the entire ecosystem operates.”

The BI and data analytics unicorn has more than 1,000 customers in total, including some household names like DHL, eBay and Mastercard. Its technology partners are also some of the market’s biggest, and includes the likes of Informatica and Okta. The startup isn’t only a hype beast when it comes to the financial markets, as the company has been named to several major analyst reports this year as well.

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