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Dow Jones Opens the Archives with Launch of DNA Platform

Dow Jones Opens the Archives with Launch of DNA Platform
Dow Jones Opens the Archives with Launch of DNA Platform

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Dow Jones recently announced the launch of DNA in beta, a platform that allows third-party businesses to access and integrated Dow Jones data into their own solutions. DNA stands for ‘Data, News and Analytics’ and will provide customers, partners and developers access to the Dow’s expansive archive of data. In this way, businesses can integrate Dow Jones data into their existing systems and workflows to create custom solutions such as process automation, predictive modeling and data mining.

The DNA platform utilizes the cloud and a web services interface to provide data access. Customers can access Dow data via the following methods:

  • DNA Snapshots: Extractions of archive data for users that want to mine large stores
  • DNA Streams: Provides content and data streaming for real-time action
  • DNA APIs: Functionality for look-up, search and transact with Dow data

Dow Jones is serving DNA using Google BigQuery, as one of the many ways the content is being made available. Other beta partners include IBM, RavenPack, Alexandria Investment Research & Technology, Equals3 and Linguamatics. DNA also powers the Dow Jones app on Symphony. Developers can access and process content on any cloud or on-prem platform they choose.

Chris Lloyd, Head of Dow Jones’s Professional Information Business adds: “We envision DNA as being the definitive source of trusted news and data creating the framework for a new ecosystem of solutions. The launch of DNA marks a significant milestone for Dow Jones, as we look to build on our expertise in creating, curating and categorizing content, and add to that the ability to distribute this in more flexible ways. We are also working with a number of partners, who are recognized as leaders in their fields, to power their own innovation.”

Read the press release.

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