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Explorium Follows Up Signal Studio Release with $75M Series C Funding

Explorium Follows Up Signal Studio Release with $75 M Series C Funding
Explorium Follows Up Signal Studio Release with $75 M Series C Funding

Source: Explorium

Explorium recently announced that it has secured $75 million in Series C funding, according to a press release on the company’s website. The funding is Explorium’s second round in the last nine months and brings the company’s total capital raised to more than $125 million since its founding in 2017. Explorium doubled its customer base during the last 16 months.

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Explorium offers an automated data science platform uses AI to automatically connect to data sources and distill the most impactful signals for a predictive question. Users can easily build and deploy models right from the platform, as well as connect to thousands of external data sources so customers can scale use cases. Explorium can be used in a number of different ways. The platform can be deployed as part of your data science pipeline or as a managed service.

In a media statement on the news, Explorium CEO Maor Shlomo said “As we saw last year, machine learning models and tools for advanced analytics are only as good as the data behind them. And often that data is not sufficient. We’re addressing a business-critical need, guiding data scientists and business leaders to the signals that will help them make better predictions and achieve better business outcomes.”

Explorium also released Signal Studio in April, a data enrichment tool for finding relevant external data for advanced analytics and machine learning. Built into the Explorium Platform, Signal Studio lets you do all your automated feature generation and selection, as well as build and deploy machine learning models from the same place.

Solutions Review named Explorium one of 5 Vendors to Watch in Data Science and Machine Learning last December.

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