Five Quick Expert Tips for Evaluating Business Intelligence Software

Five Quick Expert Tips for Evaluating Business Intelligence Software

SR Premium ContentThis is part of Solutions Review’s Premium Content Series, a collection of contributed columns written by industry experts in maturing software categories. In this submission, Toucan Toco Co-Founder and CEO Charles Miglietti offers five quick tips for weighing your options when evaluating prospective business intelligence solutions.

Finding the right data analytics package doesn’t have to be a headache, but it is becoming increasingly vital for any organization. In this short, handy reference guide, Toucan Toco CEO Charles Miglietti outlines five key things to consider when evaluating business intelligence and data analytics software.

Prioritize Scalability

Your solution should scale and adapt as your company evolves. To avoid complex updates, or the need to rebuild everything if your needs change, consider using a SaaS solution.

Get Technical

Solutions should play nicely with your existing infrastructure. Don’t count on ironing out wrinkles later — ask awkward questions now to ensure compatibility.

Ensure Data Integration

BI solutions are worthless unless they can easily connect to your data. Seek solutions that integrate with all the sources you currently (or might) use in future.

Put UX First

A “white label” BI solution should integrate so seamlessly with your product and workflows that users barely notice its existence — they just use the functionality it enables.

Don’t Skimp on Security

Robust security is a prerequisite, so find a solution with best-of-breed authentication and access control. Ensure the vendor offers post-sale support with prompt bug-fixes to keep your users safe.

Remember, data is only useful when it’s put to use — so find a solution that makes it effortless to analyze data, even for users who aren’t data scientists.

Charles Miglietti