Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2017

Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2017

Gartner’s newest analytics report highlights five emerging vendors in the space that offer innovative alternatives to generating insight. Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Analytics, 2017 focuses on up-and-coming solution providers that allow business users to find and explain insights automatically. Additionally, the vendors included in this  report enable non-technical users to build analytics models and uncover relationships with unstructured data. Gartner recommends that business stakeholders modernize their BI deployments with a more forward-thinking approach.

Now on to the vendors:


AnswerRocket provides data visualizations with instant options based on the questions users ask. It creates charts that best suit the data at hand while also enabling customization so that users can change colors, labels and more. Answers can then be automatically saved to dashboards. Interactive charts included in the tool allow users to drill down for deep data discovery that uses natural language generation to point out trends and outliers. Users can also have related questions generated based on data. Why cool?

Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning offers Cognitive Computing for enterprise organizations. The company has spent more than a decade developing and enhancing its advanced analytics solutions. Its flagship product Synthesys is an open, java-based software platform for analyzing structured and unstructured data. Synthesys uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and Machine Learning techniques to understand human communication by analyzing entities and relationships in context, within vast amounts of data. Why cool?


Endor is a predictive software platform that lets business users ask any question and get high-quality results. Research for Endor’s analytics platform was conducted at MIT and requires no coding, data cleaning or data scientists to operate. It is based on what the company refers to as Social Physics, a science that uses Big Data to build a predictive, computational theory of human behavior. Endor extends Social Physics using a proprietary technology into an engine that is able to explain and predict any human behavior. Why cool?


Nutonian offers an AI-powered modeling engine called Eureqa, which automates the heavy-lifting involved in analytics and data science. It leverages automated evolutionary algorithms to continuously create accurate predictive models. The Eureqa UI runs on a flexible Python API that allows advanced users to integrate it into their existing data science workflows. Whether used by a beginner or expert modeler, Eureqa is a powerful accelerator for data-driven discovery. Why cool?


Ripjar offers a strategic intelligence platform that allows for a scalable and agnostic approach to gathering and uniting diverse, complex and large data sources to drive data analytics in real-time. The platform allows users to explore data in a way that blends visualization, natural language processing and context. Ripjar’s analytics, advanced deep learning algorithms and collaboration features combine to hasten the decision-making process. Why cool?

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