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GoodData Adds New Features to Flagship SaaS BI Platform


Yesterday, GoodData announced an update to its flagship SaaS (software as a service) platform, adding three new features to help users tear down traditional barriers in business intelligence (BI) and improve self-service analytics without compromising IT’s need for data governance and integrity. The new grouping of tools will make it much easier for users to explore data stores. The solution will also provide recommendations on how to discover important patterns within a data set.

GoodData aims to increase self-service capabilities and make them available to all users of their application. In that, they are also making it easier for users to share data within the application or via email amongst a selected group of users. The new solution offers the following:

  1. Data explorer: A business user-facing interface for data exploration that allows business analysts to flip insights from new sources of data in a matter of minutes as opposed to weeks or months
  2. Analytical designer: The new self-service data discovery platform that guides analysts to better insights with GoodData’s Collective Learning and discovery recommendations
  3. Email and group sharing: Makes it easier to deliver engaging insights to the right entities across an organization

GoodData CEO Roman Stanek provides an overview: “My goal when founding GoodData was to give everyone access to Insights, creating a truly data-driven enterprise at which decisions occur quickly across every level of the business. These new features accelerate time to insights by helping users work smarter through guided recommendations.”

GoodData is a distinguished SaaS because it doesn’t charge simply based on the number of users logged in to the application at a given time. It’s clear that users that create BI content are taxing the service more than those that just read BI content, the fee that GoodData charges for read-only access is nominal, while the cost for creating content increases as more complex models are created.

For the full press release, click here.

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