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GoodData Follows Up Cloud Native Release with No-Code UI Platform

GoodData Follows Up Cloud Native Release with No-Code UI Platform
GoodData Follows Up Cloud Native Release with No-Code UI Platform

Source: GoodData

GoodData recently announced its new no-code UI solution that builds on the company’s headless BI engine and cloud-native platform, according to a press release. GoodData’s composable data and analytics solution enables anyone at a company to tap into the company’s data assets, services, and integrations and compose new data-driven applications and solutions, without using code. The no-code UI solution is the second piece of GoodData’s composability suite.

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The GoodData platform provides creation, delivery, and automated management of analytics at scale that allows organizations to deliver insights to customers, partners, and other users. GoodData is designed to support any analytical product roadmap and enables customers to offer their partners any data source, visualization, interaction pattern, or integration they need. The tool offers analytics and expertise to operationalize intelligent decisions within business applications and business processes.

GoodData.CN’s headless engine exposes a modular set of business intelligence capabilities via APIs — serving as a semantic layer between the company’s data fabric and businesspeople. With GoodData’s new composable tooling, customers can modify embedded dashboards through a no-code experience without the need of going back to developers.

GoodData Cloud Native Production lets enterprises provide real-time data to everyone in their organization. The platform’s flexibility allows different user groups to build custom metrics while maintaining data integrity and consistency. It also provides adaptability for data infrastructure as needs evolve.

In a media statement on the news, GoodData CEO Roman Stanek said: “The future of analytics is composable. Composable data and analytics creates business and IT alignment, breaking down data silos that erode trust and prevent collaboration. With our no-code UI solution, we’re creating a new way for businesses to interact with and leverage their organizational and customer data.”

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